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Книги и реки Константина Высоцкого. «Книги суть реки, напояющие вселенную, они есть источник мудрости».. История книжной Тюмени, как это ни ...

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1917 Key To The Russian Revolutions
# 191720120

1917 Key To The Russian Revolutions

680 р.

It wasn't by chance that the Russian Empire collapsed in 1917, and nor was it the case with the Soviet Union

And now their conceptual descendants, sufficiently sponsored from abroad, are ready to provoke a new revolution in…

February 1917 — this is when the Russian catastrophe of the 20th century started, and we paid too high a price to overcome the damage

Germany, which is still blamed for it, was not more than a tool and fell a victim to its own revolution afterwards

However, as soon as we forgot how Russia’s geopolitical enemies had destroyed our country, disintegration and chaos came back

In both cases a powerful external force initiated Russia’s falling apart using villains and fools, who completely destroyed their own country for money and attractive promises

In both cases, this force hid behind the smokescreen of an «alliance» and «universal values»

The history of this great catastrophe still holds many mysteries, and there are much more questions than answers here